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Uleashing Your Feminine Fire

A group coaching experience for women who are lookng to disconnect and heal from limiting beliefs and conditioning around their sexuality and life force energy. This experience will leave you feeling empowered, confident, and full of self love.

M1 Queen of Love: Discovering the Power of Self Love, and why at the core of all of the difficulties we face in life, it comes down to a lack of love, or feeling like we are not getting the love we need/deserve. We will be discussing the 3 brain systems and how to start to connect to the felt sense (aka energy) in our bodies.


M2 Queen of Innocence: Going on a journey to learn about the 5 stages of our sexuality and getting curious about the different implicit and explicit messages we received growing up that has shaped how we feel about our bodies & Sexuality.


M3 Queen of Honouring: An experience of reclamation and joy around our bodies! We will be discussing the 4 stages of our menstrual cycle, diving into our anatomy of arousal, blended orgasms, and pelvic floor health & exercises.


M4 Queen of Transformation: An informative discussion about Trauma, and how it gets stored in our bodies as stuck stress cycles. We will be exploring gentle, Self healing Trauma practices that you can use to release & move stagnant energy in your body. This will aid you in your day to day life to bring your nervous system back to a state of calm and peace, curiosity and joy.


M5 Queen of Wild: Ready to get Primal, Witchy and Wise? We are going start our journey into the “Underworld” exploring the Witchy/Wild Woman Archetype, and see how this is the most persecuted, shunned, and evil form or expression of a woman… and yet it is also the female with the most power… curious no? We are going to explore the potential of the primal brain and ways to reconnect to your intuition, inner wild woman, & your most potent form of power.


M6 Queen of Darkness: In this module we will be continuing into the Underworld to meet and play with our Shadow selves, also know as the Lost self, or Rejected Self. This will be a transformational experience of reconnecting and reintegrating aspects of ourselves that are truly ours, and be able to burn up the identities, stories, or barriers standing in our way, preventing us from living in our truth.


M7 Queen of Energy: We will be exploring Energy this week (think chakra’s)! In healing, we are looking to find those places where swampiness or stuck-ness has occurred because it’s highly correlated to conditioning and to belief systems that we picked up from others, and or have strong emotional bodies around. All the work we have done in the Underworld has set us up for this as we learn to transform and play with free-flowing energy.


M8 Queen of Orgasm: With all that we have learned about energy, we are now going to explore energy and sex! This is the conversation or information I hope that every woman has access to and shares with their daughters. Sacred + Science = The Sexual Education I wished I had received growing up!


M9 Queen of Thriving: The foundation for thriving in any area of your life is created on love, safety and belonging. A huge part of being able to thrive, internally, sexually, in relationships, and in life in general, is about creating inner relationships where the core parts of you – your original essence, your impulses, your desires and core behaviours – are met with love, safety and belonging.


M10 Queen of Life: Here we are going to discuss personal power and relationships, and I will be giving you tools to work with that will truly help you to choose what you want in your life and create the relationships that you most desire. I aim to help you understand interpersonal dynamics, which helps us to understand how we are showing up in our relationships that we are currently in, or are looking to create.

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