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“I will not rescue you, for you are not powerless. 
I will not fix you, for you are not broken. 
I will not heal you, for I see you in your wholeness. 
I will walk with you through the darkness, as you remember your light”.

- Medicine Woman’s Prayer (Unknown)

As an Embodiment Coach, I hold a safe and non-judgmental container for my clients struggling in love, sex and relationships, supporting them with unparalleled tools and techniques steeped in Western & Eastern methodologies. This gives me a unique approach that delivers powerful, profound & long lasting transformational results for my clients.

But my journey to this life changing work was not an easy one.

 “Every worthy act is difficult. Ascent is always difficult. Descent is easy and often slippery.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Growing up in a Western, Catholic-Christian society was a challenging experience for me. The "good-girl" conditioning, which was heavily ingrained, encouraged me to suppress my emotions, passions, and true expression. I was taught to shrink myself, not be too loud, too much, or too wanton.


For any young person, such conditioning alone is difficult to deal with, but my experiences made it much worse. By the age of 22, four of my close friends had committed suicide, and I had also experienced two sexual assaults. These traumatic events left me feeling overwhelmed and frozen inside my own body, but not wanting to be a burden, I hid my struggles, and turned to drugs and alcohol to cope.

I felt like I was suffocating under the weight of my emotions, and I didn't know how to express myself or handle the swirling darkness that was threatening to consume me. As a result, all the relationships in my life suffered, and I was feeling more alone and disconnected than ever. It was like I was drowning in a sea of numbness, unable to move, breathe, or even reach out and ask for help. And it wasn't until I hit rock bottom, writing out my suicide note saying goodbye to everyone I loved, that the realization hit me. I wanted to live, but in order to do that I needed to escape the numbness.

“You have to Feel it in order to Heal it: The only way out is through.” - Hailey Magee

This realization started my healing journey back to my body, working with energy and understanding trauma. I learned that when we try to shut down or suppress any type of emotion or energy in the body, it creates a boggy environment in the nervous system, and things get stuck, making you feel stagnant and unable to move forward. This always impacts how we relate and connect with others, which undermines the basic human need for connection, and to feel loved and like we belong.


My own experiences with depression, poor communication, and unfulfilling relationships shaped the way I work with clients who are looking to improve their relationships, build confidence, and live vibrant lives. I'm passionate about helping people to come home to their bodies so that they can experience and appreciate the wonderful gift of what it means to be alive, and how to move, utilize, and harness our emotions & energy to enrich our lives & our relationships.


“I’m not interested in your limiting beliefs; I’m interested in what makes you limitless.” ―Brendon Burchard

Through somatic practices, breathwork, meditation, visualization and talk coaching, I guide my clients in exploring their desires, support them to overcome limitations, and ultimately experience greater pleasure, intimacy, and fulfillment. It's not just about helping people to feel better in the moment, it's about giving them the tools to navigate the ups and downs of life and build a foundation of resilience that will serve them for years to come.


Results I have helped my clients to achieve and results you can expect when working with me

A decrease in emotional triggers 

An increase in levels of self-love and total body confidence

Acquire an in depth education about your attachment style, erotic love language, and anatomy of arousal

The ability to clearly communicate needs, heal old wounds, and create your epic love story

More frequent, longer, stronger orgasms!


WHEN YOU ARE TRULY in love WITH yourself AND FEEL confident AND worthy, YOU WILL naturally attract THE RIGHT people AND opportunities INTO YOUR LIFE

WHEN WE APPROACH sex AS A sacred practice, WE BRING mindfulness, intention, and presence TO OUR SEXUAL EXPERIENCES. THIS CAN LEAD TO GREATER intimacy, connection, and spiritual growth.


WHEN WE PRACTICE self-love, WE ARE BETTER ABLE TO SET healthy boundaries, MAKE empowered CHOICES, AND CULTIVATE fulfilling relationships


WHEN WE USE sexuality AS A TOOL FOR transformation, WE TAP INTO THE infinite wisdom & creative potential OF OUR BODIES. WE BECOME MORE confident, MORE empowered, & MORE IN TUNE WITH OUR true selves


On the cover of Refined Magazine + as a guest expert in articles

Spoken at various retreats and expos such as:

   ☽ The Banff Health and Wellness Retreat 

   ☽  Women’s Health and Lifestyle Summit

   ☽ The Body Soul Spirit Expo (in Saskatoon, Regina, & Calgary)

As the guest expert in multiple coaching containers and blogs such as:

   ☽ Confident by Design w/ Amber Brauner 

   ☽ Glow and Flow w/ Misha Vayner 

   ☽ The Naked Fox w/ Candace Fox

   ☽ The Empress Code w/ Laura Searles

As a Self Alignment Centre Consultant for Holistic Sexuality, Cycle Syncing, and Shadow Work

SERVED OVER 300 women & men

Overall between one-on-one clients, group coaching containers, workshops and retreats I’ve worked with well over 300 women and men


Sex, Love, Relationship Coaching (SLRC) Certification (2018) 


The core values of VITA™ Coaching are based on the belief that sexuality is sacred, beautiful, powerful, and natural; Pure love is the primary force that sustains us, and meaningful relationships are necessary for a joyful life.

As a VITA™ coach, I celebrate our sensual nature and strive to support others to live authentically by choosing love over fear, while embracing both with compassion.

Bellyfit Instructor (2018)


Holistic Fitness designed for women. The movements, exercises and postures performed in a Bellyfit® class are specifically designed to activate, heal and empower the uniqueness of female biology. 


This focus on female physiology & psychology results in special attention being given to the pelvis, hips, belly, breasts, booty and even the brain. 


Bellyfit classes are a feminine-centric system that works the physical body while helping to clear, balance and energize the emotional, hormonal, mental and energetic body as well.


Wise Womban Way Transformational Facilitator (2019)


Alchemizing the Sciences + the Sacred to offer you revolutionary education around the Wisdom of the Womb, and to cultivate Sacred Feminine Energy within your own life. 


These teachings help me guide women to listen to their body, reconnect to the power of the menstrual cycle, and harmonize your life to this cyclical way of being. 

MY why

I am deeply committed to supporting anyone who has ever experienced struggles as profound as my own. I want them to discover the immense joy and privilege of being alive, and to unlock and unleash the gifts that come from those struggles. I believe in passing on the lessons learned and helping others to feel, know, and experience their own Divinity.

My ultimate desire is to empower others to tap into their personal power, and to fully embrace the pleasure that comes with being their whole, authentic Self. It is my soul's calling to help others share their unique gifts with the world, creating a ripple effect of joy, love, health, and healing that will impact generations to come.

I am dedicated to guiding others on their journey towards living their best lives and creating the most fulfilling relationships. I know firsthand the life-changing power of this work, and I am unwavering in my conviction to support others in their transformational journey towards experiencing their highest potential and living a vibrant, authentic, and purposeful life.

KIND words

CaraLee had helped me overcome many obstacles in my life and helped guide me though many blockages that were stopping me from being my true self! I now have better control of my anxiety and an even better relationship! She also showed me ways to listen to my body and taught me ways in which to channel my emotions. I would recommend anyone that’s looking for a positive change or guidance in their life to meet and work with Cara!

Brianne Wlasichuk

WHAT limiting beliefs ARE YOU READY TO release?

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