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 WHAT YOU think, YOU become. WHAT YOU feel, YOU attract. WHAT YOU imagine, YOU create
- Buddha

YOU’RE ALWAYS ONE decision AWAY FROM LIVING A totally different LIFE.

We have three parts of our brain that are involved in inner transformation - the Cortical (thinking) part, the Limbic (emotional) part, and the Primal (Unconscious) part. 


Most therapies have a top down approach  (Cortical to Primal), whereas my methodology is a bottom up approach (Primal to Cortical), which allows us to go very deep very quickly.


My tools of Breathwork, Meditation, Visualization, and Embodiment practices allow us to uncover trapped energy, release old traumas, and pursue your truest desires because we get the deepest parts of the brain & body online to get you out of just merely surviving, and to truly start thriving!

5 STEP formula

Overall, my coaching programs involve identifying and addressing limiting beliefs, understanding the body-mind connection, empowering yourself to take action, embodying the feelings and experiences you want to have, and adopting these practices as a way of life.


By following this path, you will be able to create the reality you desire and live the life you deserve. When you enter into a coaching container you can expect to get results following my 5 step formula:


1:1 Coaching

For anyone seeking support & tools to improve their Love (think anything to do with self-love, or giving + receiving love), Sex (like having orgasms, giving orgasms, or increasing libido), and Relationships (such as healing from heartbreak, calling in ‘the one’, or gaining clarity in your current relationship).

Couples Coaching

For Couples seeking support & tools to work together to create deeper intimacy, improve communication, heal old wounds, and/or have epic sex.

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Wild Womban Connected

A 3 month journey into diving into your cyclical infradian rhythm and learning how to support yourself with Nutrition, Fitness, Sexuality, and Energy work

Unleashing your Feminine Fire

A 10 session program that takes you on a deep dive to release old limiting beliefs around your female body, sexuality, and pleasure to Unleash your Feminine Fire!



Bellyfit is a Holistic Fitness class designed by women, for women. Created to help guide participants into a deeper mind body connection through a combination of sacred feminine dance, yoga inspired moves, and guided breathwork. This class is like a moving meditation suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Jade Egg

A Jade Egg Practice is an ancient Taoist practice designed to help women to gradually restore sexual, creative, and generative (aka healing) energy in their bodies. This practice ultimately helps to improve or restore sexual functioning, awaken a deep mind body connection, plus so much more!


KIND words

I have been learning from Cara over the last few months in a group atmosphere and she is a world of knowledge!  I am amazed at how much I have learnt in such a short time about my body, and I am surprised at how little we were taught about it through school or even just in life.  I think everyone should be educated in what Cara is teaching!  Cara herself is full of fire and so passionate about what she does, it is truly inspiring.

Rachelle Sparkles

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