belly fit

The Bellyfit Philosophy states that when the mind and body are in harmony, humans have the potential to experience true health and well-being. From this place of harmony, we begin to see the oneness of everything and understand that everything in life is in fact connected. Which excites me to no end that there is a global revolution happening among women who are reclaiming their power and their pleasure!


The ‘no pain, no gain’ model of life & exercise is slowly losing traction! We’re beginning to understand and embrace that feeling good in our bodies, specifically when it comes to fitness, is ESSENTIAL to our overall wellbeing, and creates a much more enjoyable, effective, sustainable movement experience, and that's where Bellyfit comes in!

Bellyfit is the world’s leading, standardized Holistic Fitness System exclusively for women. The International Bellyfit Community is one of the most inclusive, supportive, inspiring and empowering groups of women you will ever find. We believe that when women come together in a loving, non-competitive, celebratory, motivating environment, true healing will happen. This class is designed to help you heal your relationship with your body, while sculpting, toning, and having fun!

Through my training and work to become a Sex, Love, Relationship Coach, I have come to embrace my body and treat it with respect, kindness, compassion and love, and besides sex and sexuality, fitness is the next most important way in which we connect to and feel our bodies. Bellyfit is a workout designed for women who are ready to view their body as a temple for the soul, see it as a beautiful, expressive, sacred vessel and the vehicle for our dreams…and are inspired to treat it as such by seeking pleasure over pain in all areas of our life, including exercise!

In a Bellyfit class you can expect to find hip, booty and soul shaking moves inspired by African/Indian/Belly Dance styles set to ambient beats that will have you grooving long after you leave the class. So if you are curious to find out more, click that link below to find out where and how you can sign up for a class!