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Romantic Couple

Couples Coaching

These programs are for couples who are looking to up-level in their relationship focusing on the pillars of Communication, Connection, and Intimacy.

Creating the Coupledom Core - 6 Session Program 

2 month (weekly) or 3 months (bi-weekly)  All Sessions are a minimum of 1.5hrs and can go up to 2hrs  $2,600.00+tax Regular Price (Payment Plan details available upon request)  $2,100.00 +tax with 24 Hour Discount  The sessions will follow this format: 


Session 1: Finding Clarity – We get clear very clear around both of your desires + goals for your relationship, creating the container for supporting both of your nervous systems to do this work together. 


Session 2: The Couple Bubble - Over the course of our coaching, you will build a couple bubble that will help you support each other in the qualities that you both most desire and need inside of your relationship. This session is all about setting you up for success + creating this energetic container. 

Session 3: Connection – In this session we explore how you create the container in which you ‘feed’ your Couple Bubble, and each other what you most need in order to thrive. We work with somatic breathwork tools, eye gazing, or other physically supportive exercises. This works to train your nervous system to trust in intimacy, and your partner with a deepening sense of awareness and compassion. 


Session 4: Communication - This session is all about embodying how to listen to understand vs. listen to respond. I like to describe it as Holding Space Bootcamp. You will learn to create and hold a morphic space where your partner can just be. Be themselves, be heard and understood without needing to be fixed, or have advice given. You get tools on how to show up wholly and fully to listen and feel safe to share! 


Session 5: Deep Healing: Meet My Inner Child - We dive into Sub-Personality work and start to meet pieces of your psyche that tend to show up in relationship dynamics. In this session you both go through a meditative visualization exercise, and a lot can come up in this session, so I recommend you have a full 3 hours blocked off to do this session in case we need it. 


Session 6: Deep Healing & Somatic Healing: Healing at the Root - This session is a particularly good process for habit patterns, addictions and repetitive issues that cause a lot of fighting, defensiveness, or fleeing/shutdown in relationships. You will also learn how to give & receive a sacral somatic healing practice to your partner. You will leave feeling seen, heard, and held by your partner on a level you may never have experienced before which deepens your connection and intimacy.


Loving Unleashed - 9 Session Program


3 month (weekly) or 4.5 months (bi-weekly)  $3,888.00+tax regular price (Payment Plan details available upon request)  $3,111.00 + tax with 24 Hour Discount  The sessions will include the above sessions as well as the following: 


Session 7: Erotic Intimacy & Sexuality: Sandboxing Lovemaking - Think of this like when kids sit in the sandbox and play! Without camera's or audio on your end, I will be guiding you through some playful explorations to help you expand your edges in lovemaking in a safe + sexy way. When most couples begin to explore and try new things it flounders due to a fear of asking or telling. This experience will teach you that exploration doesn’t need to be stressful, but deeply connecting, arousing, and fun! A couple that explores edges together, grows sexually together + growing sexually together means keeping your sex life fulfilling & amazing! 


Session 8: Tantric Massage (Yoni/Pussy) – In this session you will be at home and I will be verbally guiding you through a screen sharing video experience that you can use for visual aids while learning the art of giving (and receiving) a Tantric Yoni Massage. There will be no camera or sound on your end in this private yet profound initiation. This Erotic practice is a key foundation for couples who want to up level in their sex life together. 


Session 9: Tantric Massage (Lingam/Penis) – Similar to the Yoni Massage. I will be verbally guiding you through this erotic practice with a video guide from the comfort of your own bedroom, initiated in the art of giving (and receiving) a Lingam massage.

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