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Where you look in the mirror, walk down the street, and get between your sheets feeling nothing but:
  • Empowered
  • Adoration
  • Mad respect
  • and Pure Love
for yourself, and in all aspects + areas of your life?


Are you ready to anchor into unshakable self- love & feel totally confident?

Have you ever heard the saying "As above, so below. As within so without"? Well this type of self love embodies that quote and will help you call in and experience:

  • The partner you always wanted

  • An evolved way of relating and communicating

  • Your authentic, sexy, soulful expression


Are you ready for a self-love that helps you to attract anything you ever wanted in life?

  • your self sabotaging patterns
  • your subconscious beliefs
  • and energetic blocks
that have prevented you from fully anchoring into this self- love? Because if it's one thing that I have learned in doing this work, all of these blocks come from inside our own bodies and subconscious mind, and we need to do the work to uncover them.
Working with me as your Coach, I will expertly guide you to find,  heal, and integrate all the parts of you that play a role in your ability to give + receive Love to yourself & to others...
and finally FEEL it to the depths of your soul. 
You can expect life-lasting transformational effects due to the VITA™ coaching methodology I use, which incorporates Breathwork, Meditation, & Visualization practices aligned with the latest understanding in neuroscience and therapeutic principles in Coaching. 
Find out more about what packages I offer, or book in for a FREE Exploratory Call to see if we are a fit to work together to help you
Live Vibrantly & Love Unleashed!

If so, maybe you are you ready to learn more about:


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"Caralee is an amazing coach full of energy and tons of resources, she embodies her work! She holds a safe and transformational space for everyone involved, where she caters to your needs and your own pace. If you are willing to put in the work, Unleashing Your Feminine Fire will bring about a much-needed evolution in perspective towards love and relationships."


—  Isabele

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